Hanging Artists, Explanation

No, I don't mean I want to hang these artists for some kind of aesthetic crime - these are just artists on display in my personal collection. I am currently in the process of expanding my collection (acquiring new work, if I can get it).

Since I will be traveling a lot the next two weeks and won't have time to post what I am doing, I decided to spend today preparing files so that I could schedule about two weeks worth of posts that will automatically appear here - one a day for the next two weeks.

This isn't everything in my collection (some stuff hasn't even been unpacked, yet), nor do I even have work from some of my favorite people. This is just stuff hanging on the walls by people I know. Since I don't like hanging my work, I trade my work for other people's and I hang their work, instead. A few friends that I have met on travels (but have never been to my home) wanted to know what I collected. I promised I would post images. Hence, these posts.

That's all. Enjoy. Or not.

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