On rare occasions, I get asked what happened to my old web site. "Why are the links broken?" "Why is it on fire?"

There is no deep explanation. You can visit timguthrie.com and see the burning remains for yourself, but it might be worth repeating the reasoning behind disabling my old site and why I even have a blog in the first place.


You can visit this link to read a full explanation, but this was never meant for anyone beyond friends and family. It doesn't cover anything even slightly important. This spot isn't special, but friends asked me to keep a blog and I complied.

"But why is the other site on fire?"

Since this blog became my temporary new site and because I hated my old web site, I decided to disable it. Then, I set the site on fire (virtually speaking). No good reason. Just thought it was mildly humorous.

Sure, it's nice when I get a random email asking to reactivate my old website so someone can show another friend my (old) art, and I admit I will eventually reactivate the site.

And, no, this isn't very professional of me. Maybe I will get a new site up before the summer ends (doubtful before the year ends, to be honest). At that time, I will likely stop updating this blog (at least on a regular basis).

Of course, when this blog stops being used, someone is bound to ask why. But since this blog never existed for any lofty reason and it won't be missed by more than probably a half dozen people (and not really even by any of them), I don't foresee any protests.

But there you have it. That is why my website has been on fire for over a year, now.

Burn, baby, burn.

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Guess who! said...

Since I knew new stuff was going up here I hadn't looked at YOUR site! Had to see what all the hubbub was about. COOL!