Coming to an end...

Thanks, friends and family that visited this bootless blog.

Those that actually paid attention know that this was only meant to last a year and do no more than update people close to me on my travels and artistic experiments. I might update this now and then in the future. I can't say. I do know, however, that if I do, it won't see an update more than a few times a month, and I wouldn't be surprised if a full month, or two, passes without a post.

...but, thanks for visiting.

Maureen, my friend that lives in Paris now, was visiting with her son Leslie. I took lots of pics of Leslie when I was visiting them in Paris last summer, but I didn't take many pics this time. All I got was low light snapshots with the iPhone (not good in low light).

Here is Maureen (2nd from left) with Sheila and Andy.

Here is Bob Garfield behind his porpoise ice sculpture. As it started to melt, Bob and I started decorating it with rose petals.

Then I turned it into a bunny.

How's that for an anticlimactic end to the blog? Ok... maybe not the end, but certainly the end of the sabbatical...

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