Rendition in Progress [intro]

I forgot to post these. Amy Nelson asked me if I could do a demonstration of a large-scale drawing in one of her classes. It hasn't happened, yet, but I promised to take pics of a drawing as I worked on it. This is an image of a new drawing (started about two months ago, actually) on a new roll of paper. This drawing, like all the others in the series, is 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

You can't tell in this image, but I quickly discovered the roll of paper was damaged, and considering it was about $150 worth of paper (for the entire roll), I decided to abandon the drawing and have the roll replaced.

If you look closely, you can see the paper has dozens of damaged areas that show up as vertical lines throughout the entire sheet.

I will schedule posts for the next ten days so each stage will appear here. Then I will post images of the show in KC. I doubt anyone is paying attention to this blog since I essentially abandoned it for so long, but just in case anyone is interested...


Madre Adoptiva said...

I'm still here! You're in my reader, so whatever new posts you make just pop up there. :) I am very interested in seeing this process. Thanks for doing it!

ArtsyFartsyTim said...

You are the best. Nice to know I still have one person demonstrating interest. I realize this is a pretty self-indulgent blog (as all blogs are, really), so it sometimes feels like a waste of time.