Corporations vs. People

I’ve had several friends that seemed confused that I was so upset when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled as they did a week ago last Thursday. That day, I attended a department meeting and almost launched into a tirade before controlling myself and changing the subject. I’ve frequently had heated discussions since that ruling. I have a very elementary problem with the decision.

It has been pointed out numerous times over the past ten days that the Supreme Court overturned a century of precedents in one ruling, and they did so in a way that opens the floodgates that will most certainly further corrupt our already corrupt political system.

For years it seemed that corporations had two votes for every one vote for the public. Now they have something like three. Corporations achieved the unimaginable with the SCOTUS ruling.

Regarding the simple act of voting: People heading the corporations can naturally vote. So can the public.
+1 Corporations
+1 People

Corporate lobbyists already have far, far more access and influence with congress than the public.
+1 Corporations
+0 People

And now:

Money: By overturning a century of legal precedents, private corporations have now been given more power to outspend the public. $ = Time. $ = Visibility. $ = Power.
+1 Corporations
+0 People

Corporations = 3
People = 1

The fact is that corporations have one bottom line: Profits.
They only answer to one group: Their investors.

Politicians are supposed to answer to one group: Their constituents.
Of course, many would reasonably argue they answer to a different group: Lobbyists.

It used to be a cynical view that a politician’s job was to get re-elected even though his/her job is (once was), in reality, to represent the people.

Chalk up one more for the monied interests.

Now, move on and learn your new Pledge of Allegiance.

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